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HDD Died!


But of course it all plays together. Read More could help me, either. Advertisement Shutdown the machine connected to the drive you've deleted data from. I'd only bought this hard drive 5 months previously so it wasn't too hard to find exactly the same model from a number of dealers.

Some hard drives, especially Western Digitals, do not have this 8 pin chip—the firmware is stored in the main controller which is virtually impossible to move.If you want to replace the My original : And the new drive : Bugger. Now it is even reporting success recovering problem SSDs. What Are The Different Computer Cable Types You Should Know As A User? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-diagnose-and-fix-a-dead-hard-drive-to-recover-data/

How To Recover Data From Damaged Hard Disk

The idea of using a LINUX Live CD is also excellent advice, also saving my bacon more than a few dozen times. But chances are, unless you know exactly what the problem is and have the skills necessary to fix it, you're pretty much up poop alley.If you're lucky and the disk head I couldn't get everything off before the computer would no longer recognize it. Consult a Specialist for Professional Data Recovery If you can afford professional help or simply cannot afford to wait for a miracle, do consult a specialist.

The video shows how to replace a faulty PCB. I could buy 2 replacement drives for those prices. Unless you really, really need the files on that drive, you'll avoid this route and go down the PCB road first.Back to lifeDoes it really work? External Hard Disk Not Working Each time someone opens your hard drive and tries to fix it, the probability of it actually getting fixed decreases.

Now what? Reply Darryl Gittins July 25, 2013 at 5:41 pm This is a good point. Thanks for advance solution for this.

First, we took two laptop drives, loaded them with test movie and music files, then beat the heck out of them until we heard the signature clicking of mechanical hard-drive failure.

Unfortunately, i have no backup for the past few months. How To Repair Damaged Hard Disk Disk utility is also not able to detect it. I turn up lots of sketchy info about how other people have fixed hard drives. dan Reply Rick Stanley July 25, 2013 at 3:58 pm Sealed but no vacuum.

How To Recover Data From Hard Disk Which Is Not Detecting

Lastly I wipe my brother's drive and return it to him. http://www.myharddrivedied.com/ My original drive's logic board : The new drive's logic board : Oh well, still worth a try. How To Recover Data From Damaged Hard Disk Then we submerged one of the drives in custom- made storm-surge floodwaters (salt water, construction debris, oil) and let it soak for four days. How To Fix Hard Drive Failure You probably wonder what happened with my hard drive.

However, unless it has been overwritten, that data still exists on your drive. And yes the website is written in Compiler! Sign in 59 Loading... I am printing this one "just in case". :) Reply Hisham S July 28, 2013 at 8:01 pm Thanks very much for this important article Reply Ajarn D July 28, 2013 How To Fix An External Hard Drive

Matt 1,234,491 views 7:17 Clicking hard drive dis-assembly. Please help me to get my all imp. If you look at the SMART values of the drive you'll notice and large amount of reallocated sectors to confirm your suspicions. The disk is completely dead.

You'll also want to try a replacement cable in case the old one is malfunctioning. How To Recover Data From A Dead External Hard Drive Loading... With either method, it's possible that your failed hard drive will show up on your healthy computer and reveal its files, in which case your hard drive is probably fine, but

My main Seagate 80gig hard drive is not being recognised.

There are two ways that drives crash: Logical failure and mechanical failureAdvertisement - Continue Reading Below A mechanical failure means that your drive has broken parts that are preventing it from When I try to acess it, win explorer crashes, and restarts. What exactly does it sound like? How To Fix A Hard Drive That Won't Boot Scott is a Computer Forensic and Data Recovery expert with over 20 years experience.

Remove the hard drive from its casing and use a IDE / SATA data cable What Are The Different Computer Cable Types You Should Know As A User? Other than that, if your drive is making unusual noises or acting in a peculiar manner, you'll need to hand it over—together with some hard earned cash—to a data recovery professional. ACS Data Recovery 588,735 views 34:31 Hard Disk Working | How does a hard disk work | Hard Drive - Duration: 5:04. Frankly - if it whizzes round at 7200 rpm all the time, at some point, as sure as death and taxes, your hard drive will fail.

To minimize the risk, you should avoid asking for multiple consultations from different companies. I only failed to recover 1 drive in over 49 drive failures. Glad this didn't happen to you, Ashley! Lucky for you, this was just published: 5 Best Rescue Disks For A Windows System Restore.

So if the head was stuck, the cold might get it unstuck. Alternatively, you can get an IDE / SATA to USB adapter or a new USB enclosure, so you can hook the drive up externally via USB. Plus when I take them apart they dont make a suction noise when the cover is pulled off. Working...

Reply guy November 27, 2015 at 4:40 am I recently had a hdd that seemed to stop working after an accidental forced shutdown. What should I do? This is the interface that turns your 0s and 1s from the platter into usable data that your computer can understand.Platters: Your drive contains one or more thin, circular platters. After you turn on the computer, enter the BIOS The BIOS Explained: Boot Order, Video Memory, Saving, Resets & Optimum Defaults The BIOS Explained: Boot Order, Video Memory, Saving, Resets &

So I put the new logic board on, plug it in and.... hope it works. My Seagate 500GB External HDD isn't working. It can become seized if the drive suffers a hard knock or drop.

Then I take the new logic board off the original drive, put it back on the new drive and copy the contents from my brother's drive to it. Even if the drive seems healed now, I wouldn't trust it with important data anymore. New Technology Best New Gadgets Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever 5 Pro Painting Tips Every Amateur Should Know: DIY Guy DIY Bass: How to Install a Car You don't want moisture on the drive.