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help needed badly

help needed - windows error!

Help needed !

Help Needed ! HJT Log and description of problem attached

Help Needed again! :(

help needed ! tricky little virusburster

Help Needed (upgrade)

Help needed analyzing HijackThis --Many Thanks

HELP needed AND appreciated!

help needed : unable to open drives by double clicking; winlogon.ink infected

Help needed for a friend

Help needed for a newbie!

Help needed for a webcam

Help Needed Answering Questions

Help Needed As New TO VB

Help needed for removing Trojan-Spy:Lyndra

help needed for beginner re. "not responding"

Help needed on spyware

Help Needed - Pop-ups

Help needed to remove trojan horse dropper.generic.DZD

Help needed with POP Peeper notification ?

Help needed to remove Trojan.BHO.yr

Help needed - TrekStor mp3 player

Help Needed With mss32.dll

Help Needed Please Pc Loop!

HELP NEEDED ASAP "Detecting IDE drives" system freeze

Help needed getting rid of PSGuard

Help needed urgently.HJT log attached.

Help needed to remove startium toolbar

Help needed to decide on a good / cheap system

help needed with IE

Help Needed Asap Computer Has Been Taken Over

Help needed removing I-lookup hijack

Help needed with Routing


Help needed to enable Firewall

Help needed to remove BHO trojan

Help needed por' favor (printer error in Win2k)

Help needed with DVD/ CDRW Combo drive on Inspiron 8500

Help needed with virus

help needed hjt log attached

Help needed with script.

Help Needed Immediately Please

Help needed with Project

Help Needed With Shell32.dll

help needed to fix error -127 on OE Mac. ed.

Help needed to remove virus

help needed fast

help needed with recording sound URGENT

Help needed for clean installation

Help needed please.HijackThis log included

help needed with floppy driver!

help needed on networks

Help needed from trojans

Help needed with NewMalware.J removal

Help Needed Pls!

help needed with hd problems

Help Needed With Virus & Spyware

Help Needed plse

Help needed re MSN communities

help needed with NIS 2005

Help Needed - Video Card

Help needed for trojan horse downloader.zlob_r.w

Help needed with a new computer

Help needed Smitfraud-C.CoreService

Help Needed On Removing www.xads.offeroptimizer.com HIJACKER

help needed - virus

Help Needed with Hijackthis.

Help Needed to get rid of spysheriff

Help needed: game recording

help needed plz

Help Needed - Websearch.drsnsrch.com -

help needed please to figure out how to place text on top of photo on business cards

Help needed with Rmvirut (reader_s)

Help needed reducing a Large Macro

Help Needed Still

Help needed plz with vista

Help needed for formatting 32 gb pen drive

Help needed for Removal Of SPYAXE

Help needed to remove Mirar

Help needed with internet connection

Help needed with suspected virus

help needed really bad

Help needed with iTunes 8

Help needed Urgently

Help needed with possible TDL4/Vista Home Security 2012 combo malware

Help needed (please please pretty please!) - Trojan + dodgy IE toolbar appeared

Help Needed! LG N1T1 - Any Good?

Help needed with Svc.exe

HELP NEEDED! Vista BSOD Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area

Help needed with kderq.exe and kdbwq.exe ( trojans )

help needed thesafetytool.com

Help Needed: Random Laptop Shutdown and Annoying Blue Searchbar

Help needed with returning virus - HJT log incl.

Help needed with Motherboard

Help needed urgently--please.

Help needed with Outlook Express

help needed win32adwarebho

Help needed! Hijackthis log and mbam log

Help Needed to remove Winanonymous HJT log included

help needed re hi-jacked "about blank"

Help Needed: Transition Outlook to Groupwise

Help needed with Windows Live Mail 2012

help needed regarding errors

Help Needed Here

Help needed with Troj BHO.LF

Help needed! IE popup "* * * *** System Warning! Microsoft Internet Explorer"

Help needed with persistent fake anti spyware.

Help needed with a strange explorer problem

HELP NEEDED with time

help needed here with excel

Help needed with Trojan .fxa

Help needed with an infection of some kind

Help needed please with MSN & MSN Messenger.

Help needed to recover from msxm192z.dll infection

Help Needed HijackThis log inside

Help Needed! Possible Virus

help needed with trojan-gen{vc} + more

Help needed with ati2dva.dll removal

Help Needed On Downgrading From XP to W98

Help needed I Have A Virus - Keeps Coming Back On Re-booting - trojan.BAT.regger.b

Help needed! PSW.x-Vir trojan

Help needed with www.findyourcouple.com Please!

HELP needed on internet connection

Help needed on internet problem

Help needed with XP

Help needed removing trojan

Help Needed: Virut.BL/BH

Help needed with [emailprotected] and others

Help needed xp

Help needed with TROJ-Grayware

help needed for advent 4211 notebook

Help needed! Office 2000 install terminates

Help needed on Winantiviruspro Please.

help needed Please please please

Help Needed! - Sound.

Help Needed - Photos

help needed with a compaq presario c300

Help needed for exploit-beehappyy

Help Needed: windows 7 cannot communicate with primary dns server

Help needed. Eth card not detected

Help Needed Right Away!

Help Needed ASAP. A two for one deal: A backdoor program and W95.mtx virus.

Help needed with message

Help Needed with missing drive

Help needed with visual c++

help needed related to .EXE

Help needed with hijacklog

Help Needed For Newbie :)

Help needed with Win32 NSAnti

Help needed to add password

Help Needed for Recovery

help needed with spyware

help needed urgently with hjt logfile

Help needed pretty please - HJT attached

Help needed with HP LaserJet 1160

Help Needed. My son has forgotten is password

Help Needed Vundo Problem

help needed! malware detected .hijackthis.log incl.

HELP NEEDED! service63

Help needed with my DX162D dvd+r/rw drive

help needed - sideways picture on desktop

Help needed with my laptop

Help needed - Trojan horse patched_c.lxt services.exe

Help needed with pop-ups and downloading activity

Help needed with possible virus.

Help needed with .iso please

Help needed now. Over the edge

Help needed regarding firewall.

help needed. can you help me?

Help needed. Hijack and smitfraud reports included

help needed with access error

Help needed. Problem starting windows

Help needed with Asrock 939 Dual sata2

Help needed/ lots of problems

Help Needed: Zlob.Trojan and Trojan.Vundo

help needed to remove dos agobot.gen PLS

HELP NEEDED with Dell Latitude CPiA & CPxH

Help needed with strange hardware error

Help Needed With Error bxxs5.dll

Help needed with excessive disk activity on Windows Vista Home Premium Edition

help needed maybe Qoologic?

Help needed with 'FakeAlert-B'

HELP NEEDED: Trojan.Shutdown.bi

Help needed for driver

help needed with [emailprotected] also

Help needed. Win32.Agent.pz

help needed htl attached

help needed urgent

Help needed with USB on ABIT motherboard

Help Needed with Apoint2k

Help needed with application kill1%

Help needed with Win32/heur on SD card

Help needed SpyAxe problems

Help Needed To Install Device Please.

Help needed to remove ad.yieldmanager

Help needed - Recovery

Help Needed As soon as possible

HELP NEEDED ASAP - DVD-r burning from camcorder

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