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I promise I willl strive everyday to be a better man. He has always provided well for our family and now that he isn't working he has become withdrawn and depressed. We don't ask for fortune. Do a work today Lord, in Jesus name.

He was laid off a few months ago and seems to be getting depressed. You only know about my strengths and weakness. Thank you Lord amen. I have the experience and knowledge.

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Lord i really want this full-time job. I vow to work harder then ever and devote myself to being the best anyone could be at this position. please God help me to get this job which i needed very much. Please LORD let me kick butt on the interview......PLEASE!Lord, I also, pray for all those who are praying for employment; please listen to our cries.AMEN- no god by: vivek sorry to

We make it all easy to understand with our simple guide to the legal system. pls Feb 10 Aum namah Shivay! I don't know how much longer I can work with him and the stress is becoming too much, please help him. Praying For A Job Offer Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Link to this page: Can you help me get on, please? Facebook Twitter Feedback My bookmarks ? God Please Help Me Find A Job Virgin May please pray for us. plz help with the job lord Amen by: Akhona hali Plz lord help me I'm in a dark space plz I need a job I'm desparate lord,my life is mess plz http://sendtogod.com/ Please help and guide us.In the name of jesus christ, Amen.

Can you recommend a pediatrician? Miracle Prayer To Get A Job I THANK YOU THAT WE ARE ABLE TO REACH OUT THROUGH THE WEBSITE AND ASK FOR PRAY.. I take your latter rain of blessing in the form of a great jobs where our work will be out ministry. Please download one of our supported browsers.

God Please Help Me Find A Job

Feb 10 god please take care of my little sister .please Feb 10 Dear God please help me for Optum today! https://soundcloud.com/hamuna93/rockit I pray for everyone here.... God Please Help Me Quotes I recently lost my job and its already 3 months and no luck. God Help Me Find A Job Prayer I specifically ask you to make room for me with the right day job i the hospital with good hours, good co workers/bosses, good insurance benefits, and pay beyond what I

Can you mend a fuse? Please Lord , HELP us all and bless us with a job Mother Mary , please intercede for us jesus plese help me find s job by: Anonymous I will certainly It is done saints. I pray for everyone here.... Please God Help Me

Thank u for being there for me now and always . I'm so weary, and I would love to have a job. Thank you Father, Amen(P.S.) The word I had to type for verification is "POODLE"...so I'll take that as a very good sign! :D Prayer to help my husband find a job Thanks lord..

answer each of us prayer..This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord please helpe me get a job by: Anonymous ineed to find ajob so i can help hope to get a job by: Anonymous Lord forgive my sins. I need you, oh lord.

Lord Jesus I also need to pray for my current boss as he is a reason I need to leave this department.

Please help turn to you for peace and strength. Please try the request again. I've been on others but feel that this is where you want me to be. I question things because I am logical.

Can you recommend a local dish? Thanks again lord we love you. by: Brenda Lord, I beg of you to forgive me for my sins, and to please help me to get a job, please Lord I really need a job making living Hlep.