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Have to log into Facebook every time.why?

Have to power cycle network 6 or 7 times a day

Have to push accept on my HP Officejet 6500A Plus to receive faxes

Have to push power button twice

have to reboot switch each time

have to hurry

have to Refresh repeatedly

Have to remove hardcoded DNS from multiple PCs on the Domain.

Have to re-install modem after every time it is powered off

Have To Turn Off Security Before I Can Connect

Have to restart if change SD card

have to install modem every time

HAVE to get away from Yahoo Plus!

Have to turn on pc TWICE to boot up W 10!

Have to keep setting up network

Have to activat AVG6 Resident Shield e.g. every time log on

Have to restart to enter internet

Have to reset router just about every time to connect

Have to re-plug USB-Mouse after each Reboot?

Have to Restart Computer to Connect To Internet

Have to restart computer to get online

Have to install printer EVERY time to print?

Have to click twice to get cursor to drag.

have to reboot often to use browser

Have to keep reinstalling video card driver

Have to keep restarting modem.

Have to reboot to get keyboard to work

Have to reboot to logon?

Have to repair to connect

Having Problem with my D-LINK WBR-2310 Router + PS3!

Have to "Repair" Wireless every day

Having to reload printer driver on every reboot.

Have to Manually start DHCP even though it's set to automatic

have to restore laptop everytime i switch it on

Having to manually reconnect wireless after every restart

HAve to cloak my IP while using connectify type program.

Have to shut down xp BSOD's keep coming up e.g Multiple IRP Complete Requests

Have to plug in headphones while computer is off

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