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Then go immediately to Bakril. Battles.ruВыдалась свободная минутка?Порадуйте себя казуальнымиили браузерными играми!На серверe Battles.ruкаждый найдет себеподходящее развлечение. Try to cheer up the pet owner who lives near the shop. Get YYYYY. * Due north of Durst in the small waste area, Kaelyn and Raal rescue Toddy (cpt 5) and in the curl due north of that is a chest: Need

A : Remember where you have promised to meet Aren in Chapter 3 ??!! A : She lives in Varnasse's conservatory. A : Go back to Kaelyn's father and report about the wraiths. Thank she whose sacrifice brought forth the senwater you sip. (behind a house in Aliero) MONTARI : The siege of Poolkeep would have failed if not for them tunneling. (at the

Go back to Lonzo for a reward : 2 tongue coat and 2 steadfast tonic. account login x name: password: Keep me logged in registration? Then go back again to Naomi. It will tells you about the ingredients to summon the wraith.

She said that if you didn't find him, just sprinkle the seeds in his garden. Increase "stealth" by 15 pts. Please, try again later. It will increase "assessment" by 5 pts. * Cardonne : give hardening fluid to Jeremiah Crock, the alchemist, and received 6 attractor in return. * Levosche : in the barn (after

Grand Theft AGСамый крупный сайтв России о серии GTAи ее «детях» -Mafia, Driv3r и т.п.Новости, прохождения,моды, полезные файлы. Геройский уголокЛидер среди сайтовпо играм сериалаHeroes of Might & Magic.Внутри - карты, советы,турниры Q : Where is Kaelyn ? Q : What else can I get in chapter 2 ? Again, this is if the engine kept all of these features [img]smile.gif[/img] So is Antara any good?

Then go back to the joyman and tell him the name : Cavotte. CHAPTER SIX Main Goal : Find the Shepperd's leader and join the Mercenaries Special note : this is a blood bath chapter, prepare yourself with good weapons and enhancement potions to You can't chat with this user because you have blocked him. Kill all the Masliths (lizards) near the river north of town, and get Henne's Horn from Fisherman.

Please, try again later. http://www.oldgames.sk/en/game/betrayal-in-antara/ You can't invite this user because you have blocked him. Drop Bk get GRRWWBuBu. Drop YYW give RGBuWW.

Use it on the armour to counteract the poison. After that conversation walk around for a while then you'll see that Brian's grave has been dug out. Then go back to the joyman and tell him the name : Cavotte. this is becoming more clearer than before.

Can't you people see I'm trying to commit a crime against science and nature here?" -- Reed Richards                         The Fifth Horseman View Public Profile Send a private Be sure to prepare yourself with grounding wire. Use the lantern with the candle beside the mozaic tiles, then push the four glowing buttons. Equip yourself with pickaxe and Resonance of Fortune spell.

On the way to Isten you can pick up a bloody note on a death priest. You'll actually meet the girl, Lizbeth, after you've talked to his father in this chapter. Fight Maris to the death and chase Kahlet to the outside world.

Then use a bucket (you can get one in Briala's shop) on the town's well to get a Torchite Gem.

They said something about going to the capital and along the way to the west, Aren has left some remarkable sign like burning forest and crashing some bridge. all these years the cat was staying in the bottom of the well. Q : How can I defeat the mercenaries around William and Aren, they're too many to handle ? Friole : you'll find a note about the legendary Vell tomb in a barn (you'll find this tomb in chapter 6).

ORMEDE SHOP: Gems, bracelets and a Pendant. Health and stamina do go up, gradually. Help the mage from the lighting bugs. A : Hey, nothing is free in this cruel world.

Talk again twice (the answers are Riva and Derek) then he'll finish the ballad. User since {{ user.formattedDateUserJoined }} Friends since {{ user.formattedDateUserFriended }} Unblock chat User blocked This user's wishlist is not public. Drop YYG give WRGYGRW. Perdugo lives nearby.

Q : Lord Dakka's mercenaries, where can I find his wines ? Use it on the armour to counteract the poison. * Nudberries root : combine it with food ration pack to make a medicine to sooth and angry person. * Blood of TICORO Numerous Shops and Inns - See Chapter 3 notes. Now drop YP.

Q : How can summon the wraith ? Use the red key to unlock the door. GANATH SHOP: swords. You can buy one in Ligano.

Q : Farmer Mattai Brunia, how can I help him ? Please, try again later. Drop GW. Durst : give pearl to the swordsmen, he'll increase your "melee" by 5 pts each time.

That will make them friends again.